Super High-Power LED Collimator Sources, 22-mm Clear Aperture


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An LED collimator consists of a collimating lens and an LED emitter. The LED emitter is placed at the focal plane of the collimating lens. The collimating lens thus images the LED emitter into infinity. Mightex LED collimators employ a high-NA aspherical collimating lens for precision collimation and high light throughput.

New Type-H super high-power collimator LED sources with 30-50W emitters have been added to the product portfolio. These new collimator light sources produce a market-leading optical power output of up to 3.3W, which is up to 5 times from our existing high-power Type-B collimator LED sources. The LED emitters are mounted directly onto the metal base of the collimator which also features an integrated heat sink and a cooling fan. This configuration minimizes thermal resistance between the LED emitter and the heat sink resulting in better heat dissipation. The collimating lens can be adjusted if needed for precise collimation. A locking ring fixes the lens position after adjustment. The collimators have been pre-adjusted in the factory.

The new Type-H light sources are larger in dimensions compared with existing Type-A and Type-B light source. Please examine the installation drawings carefully. Power supply for the cooling fan is included in the price of the LED collimator sources. The LED collimators include a 1.5-meter cable with two bare-wire terminals at the end. The light sources can be driven by Mightex LED controllers or other LED controllers and current sources.

Multiwavelength Solutions. Type-H collimated LEDs can be combined to form multiwavelength LED solutions using the multiwavelength beam combiners.

Type-H collimated LEDs are also compatible with a large number of optical accessories/adapters:

  • Focusing Modules. An optional focusing module can be mounted on the front of the LED collimator to focus light into a tight spot which is an image of the LED emitter. This is useful for application requiring very high optical density such as fluorescence spectroscopy, or to focus LED light into a fiber or a light guide.
  • Lightguide Adapter. An optional lightguide adapter is also available to couple the LED light into a lightguide with high efficiency.
  • Alternative Collimating Lenses with Different Beam Diameters. Additional interchangeable collimating lenses are available to produce different beam sizes with the same light source.
  • Microscope Adapters. Type-H collimated LEDs, as standalone units or as multiwavelength LED solutions, can be mounted onto any commercial microscopes including Nikon, Leica, Olympus and Zeiss, using Mightex’s microscope adapters.

Type-H and Type-J collimated LEDs are fully compatible with Mightex’s turn-key microscope LED solutions.

IMPORTANT : (1) LED’s can ONLY be driven by a constant-current source, and NOT a voltage source (e.g. a battery, or a AC/DC power supply etc.); (2) Please always verify LED’s current rating first before applying current to the LED, and please always make sure NOT to apply current that is above the LED’s current rating.

Performance Specifications (Click here to download  datasheet)

Part NumberTypeWavelength (nm)Half Diverging Angle(deg.)Iop(A)Vop(V)Typical Output Power (mW)2
φ 11mm1φ 22mm 1φ 38mm1φ 48mm1
LCS-6500-33-xxHglacier white, 6,500K10532.293.72000
LCS-6500-65-xxHglacier white, 6,500K10532.2183.73500

1. Clear aperture diameter. Use these two-digit numbers to replace xx in the part number. 2. Due to variations in the manufacturing process and operating parameters such as temperature and current, the actual output of any given LED may vary. Specifications are intended to be used as a guideline.


  • Interchangeable aspherical collimating lens
  • High numerical aperture (NA)
  • High power emitter (up to 50W)
  • Up to 3.3W of collimated output
  • Adjustable focus
  • Optional focusing module
  • Optional lightguide adapter
  • Multiple mounting features for lab and OEM applications
  • Integrated heat sink and cooling fan


  • Microscope illuminator
  • General purpose light source
  • Fiber coupling (with optional focusing module)

Product Data Sheet Download


Installation Drawing

Product specifications are subject to change without prior notice. All prices are FOB California, unless otherwise stated. Please call/email for volume pricing.