Optical Spectrometer Sensor Engine


Many scientific and industrial applications require building custom spectrometers with optics, CCD line cameras, and spectrometer software. Developing the spectrometer software with all the necessary features is often challenging and time consuming even for professional programmers. When only one or a few spectrometers are built the time and cost of software development can greatly exceed that of hardware development. There is a need for a CCD line camera that comes with full-featured spectrometer software.

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Mightex Optical Spectrometer Sensor Engine (SSE) includes the following two components:

1. Mightex 3,648-pixel CCD Line Camera, and

2. Mightex Spectrometer Software.

To build a complete spectrometer user will set up his own optics (spectrograph) and place the line camera at the focal plane of the spectrograph. The spectrometer software provides a powerful set of spectrometer functions such as wavelength calibration, dark/bright references, spectrum display, and file management. Mightex SSE releases users from the burden of programming spectrometer functions so that they are able to build their spectrometers much more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Mightex’s SSE-1304-U includes a cost-effective high-performance B/W board-level line camera, based on a single-line, 3,648-pixel CCD chip with USB2.0 (480 Mb/s) interface. Setting up SSE-1304-U is very easy, the user simply installs Mightex spectrometer software onto any desktop or notebook PC and then connects the USB cable from the line camera to the PC. There is no need for installing a DAC card, or using an external power supply. SSE-1304-U also comes with a line camera SDK for further development by the user.

The ‘window-less’ version of the spectrometer sensor engine, SSE-1304-UW, has the glass plate in front of the image sensor removed, and hence it is more sensitive to UV and is also more suitable for applications where coherent light sources such as lasers are used.

PERFORMANCE SPECIFICATIONS (Click here to download datasheet)

CCDToshiba TCD1304DG
Number of Pixels3648
Pixel Size8 x 200 micron
Spectral rangeSSE-1304-U:     300nm to 1050nm
SSE-1304-UW:  200nm to 1050nm 
Pixel Output Clock0.5 MHz
Data Storage on board4 Frames
ADC resolution16 bits
External TriggerYes
Exposure Time Range0.1ms ~ 6,500ms
GPIOYes (4 programmable I/O’s)
Frame Rate138 scans/second*
Host InterfaceUSB 2.0

* Frame Rate is dependent on exposure time. When the exposure time is set to 0.1ms, the camera can achieve 138 scans/second.

SDK Features

Operation SystemsWindows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7/8/10
Minimum RequirementRAM > 64M, Hard Disk Space Used > 10M
USB Port2.0
Multiple CamerasSupported
Device DriverYes
Demo ApplicationYes
Library FilesYes (DLL files and Static Library file)
Example CodesYes (VC++ and Delphi)
Frame Attributes*Exposure Time, Time Stamp, Trigger Event Count, Over Exposure Detect.

Note: The SDK provides call back, which will send user frame data and related attributes of this frame. The attributes include: Exposure time, Time Stamp, Trigger Event Count and Over Exposure Flag.


  • USB2.0 compatible
  • Board-level camera, ideal for OEM applications
  • No external power supply required
  • Optical integration time adjustable from 100ms to 6.5s
  • 3648 pixel silicon linear CCD array
  • 8μm x 200μm pixel size
  • 16-Bit A/D converter for high intensity resolution
  • High scan sate (up to 138 scans/second)
  • External trigger capability
  • 4 GPIO pins


  • Exposure time control
  • Frame averaging
  • Dark/Bright Reference
  • Dark compensation
  • Pixel monitoring modes
  • Time-line recording
  • External trigger
  • SDK for user applications
  • Compatible to Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7/8/10.


  • Optical Spectroscopy

Datasheet Download

Software Download

  1. Optical Spectrometer Sensor Engine Hardware
  2. CD containing SSE software package and documentation

(1) CD. If a customer orders multiple units of products, (for each product model) only one (1) CD will be included in the shipping package, unless otherwise instructed and in this case there would be a nominal charge of $1 per additional CD.

Product specifications are subject to change without prior notice. All prices are FOB California, unless otherwise stated. Please call/email for volume pricing.