Polygon Patterned Illuminator

Projecting light anywhere,
anytime, in any color,
and in any shape/size

Many cutting-edge scientific and industrial applications call for precise spatial, temporal and spectral controls of light, based on which one can project light anywhere, at any time, and in any color, shape and size. In addition, some applications also require light to be projected to multiple regions of interest at the same time. Mightex’s Polygon Pattern Illuminators are specifically designed for such applications, and are currently the market-leading solution for patterned illumination. Polygon integrates the state-of-the-art DMD technology and high-power light sources (e.g. lasers and LED’s) to precisely deliver light onto the targets or regions of interest, producing high-intensity high-uniformity illumination patterns that perfectly fit customers’ application needs.



Bioscience Research

For many bioscience applications, researchers have a need to illuminate specific areas (e.g. cells) in their sample without exposing the rest of the sample to light, in order to prevent (for example) photo-bleaching or photo-toxicity. Typical examples includes optogenetics, photo-activation, photo-switching, uncaging, and region-of-interest epi-fluorescence. Mightex’s Polygon patterned illuminator is a proven solution used in hundreds of research labs across the world, allowing researchers to deliver patterned/targeted illumination of their samples with a simple and cost-effective setup. Visit www.mightexbio.com for more details.



Photo-Patterning and Photo-Lithography

In photo-patterning applications light can be used to induce chemical changes in photosensitive materials to change their physical properties and/or biochemistry. By using patterned illumination users can define precise regions which will under go such a change in order to produce specific shapes or structures in their material. Such photo-patterned surfaces are used in a wide range of bioscience and industrial applications. The Polygon patterned illuminator is the ideal solution offering high resolution, easy operation, high output intensity, and convenience without the need to use conventional masks, which are time-consuming to prepare and inflexible to change in design. Visit www.mightexbio.com for more details.




Micro-Fluidic devices are made by photo-patterning thin film precursor materials on a substrate to create microscopic channels, chambers, and even flow-controlling mechanisms. Small amounts of fluids containing reactive chemicals or other substances can then flow through the micro-channels and mix in the micro-chambers of the device and react with other substances that may be deposited in the micro-channels. A notable application of this technique is with the creation of cellular micro-environments. In this technique users want to define specific environments to grow cellular population that mimic physiological conditions. Polygon pattern illuminator can be used to photo-pattern thin film precursor on a substrate with the necessary fine-detailed patterns, to create the intricate micro-fluidic structures. Visit www.mightexbio.com for more details.



Optical Tweezer for Micro-Actuators and Micro-Robots

Micro-actuators and micro-robots are devices designed to facilitate tasks such as sorting, re-direction, and moving payloads, all on a microscopic scale. For some of these micro-devices, their motion can be controlled by light. The Polygon pattern illuminator provides users with the ideal tool to precisely control the spatial-temporal application of light onto these micro-actuators and micro-robots, and thus allows users to easy interface with these micro-devices to perform complex tasks. Visit www.mightexbio.com for more details.



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