Lightguide Collimators


Lightguide collimators are used to either couple light from free space into a lightguide or collimate light from a lightguide to form a collimated (parallel) optical beam. Lightguide collimators are key components with numerous applications. For example, a lightguide collimator can project light from a lightguide into a uniform spot in free space.

High-numerical-aperture aspherical lenses are used for precise collimation and maximum light throughput. The collimator features adjustable focus from ~100mm to infinity. Various lightguide ferrule diameters are supported. Customization is available for other ferrule diameters.

The full field of view (FOV) or full divergence angle can be calculated as FOV = 2atan(D/2f), where D is the lightguide core diameter and f is the focal length of the lens. Alternatively, the linear field of view on an object placed at a distance L away from the collimator is D(L/f).


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Specifications (Click here to download datasheet)

Part NumberFocal Length(mm)Clear Aperture (mm)F# / NALens MaterialWavelength Range (nm)Lightguide Ferrule OD 1
LGC-019-023-05-U19230.83/0.6Fused Silica200 ~ 2,2005mm
LGC-019-022-05-V19220.86/0.5B270350 ~ 2,0005mm
LGC-019-022-07-V19220.86/0.5B270350 ~ 2,0007mm

1. Ferrule length must be at least 15mm.


  • Aspherical lens
  • Adjustable focus with locking ring
  • Accepts various ferrule diameters


  • Coupling light into lightguides
  • Collimating light from lightguides

Data Sheet:

Installation Drawings:

Installation Drawings:

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