LED Spotlights – 455nm Royal Blue


High-power LEDs are a new class of light sources that have numerous applications in industrial, consumer, medical, and scientific fields. However, engineers and scientists often find that they have to design and fabricate heat sinks and optics mounts, and solder electrical contacts before they can light up a high-power LED. Mightex provides ready-to-use high-power LED light sources with integrated heat sinks and mounted collecting optics. SiriusTM compact high-power light sources are designed as a universal light source for general lab use and OEM applications. The mechanical housing features multiple mounting holes compatible to common opto-mechanical mounts. SiriusTM light sources can be driven by Mightex SiriusTM SLC series multi-channel LED drivers or other LED drivers and current sources.

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Specifications (Click here to download datasheet)

Table 1. LED Emitter Specifications

LED CodeDescriptionWavelength (nm)Iop(mA)Vop(V)Typical Luminous
Flux (lm)
01091W UV395 ~ 4103503.5180 mW
03003W White LED5,500K10003.980
030913W UV395 ~ 4107003.5350 mW
03013W Royal Blue45510003.9450 mW
03023W Blue47010003.930
03033W Cyan50510003.980
03043W Green53010003.980
03053W Amber5901000380
03063W Red-Orange6171000390
03073W Red6251000380
03103W Deep Red65710003.1280 mW
020822.4W Near Infrared85010001.8 ~ 2.4375 mW

1. Emitter consists of two dies. Divergence angle approximately doubles along one direction when used with collecting optics; 2. Without collecting optics, this LED emits light from a 1mmx1mm area into a ±60 degree cone. 3. Due to variations in the manufacturing process and operating parameters such as temperature and current, the actual output of any given LED may vary. Specifications are intended to be used as a guideline.

Table 2. Collecting Optics Specifications

LENS CodeDescriptionClear Aperture (mm)X- Half Angle (degree)Y- Half Angle (degree)Efficiency (%)
ANarrow Beam195585
BMedium Beam19151585
CWide Beam19252585
DOval Beam1952085
E 1 Fiber Bundle Coupling197mm full field7mm full field85

1. Focuses light into a spot at approximately 12mm in front of the lens. Ideal for coupling light into fiber bundles, liquid light guides and integrators.

Table 3. Discontinued Parts

LED CodeDescriptionWavelength (nm)Iop(mA)Vop(V)Typical Luminous
Flux (lm)
01001W White LED5,500K3503.445
01011W Royal Blue4553503.4220 mW
01021W Blue4703503.416
01031W Cyan5053503.445
01041W Green5303503.453
01051W Amber590350342
01061W Red-Orange617350355
01071W Red625350344
01101W Deep Red6573502.4170mW
01121W 940nm9407001.5180mW
02132W 680nm NIR6806002.790 mW
02142W 780nm NIR7808002.5330 mW

IMPORTANT : (1) LED’s can ONLY be driven by a constant-current source, and NOT a voltage source (e.g. a battery, or a AC/DC power supply etc.); (2) Please always verify LED’s current rating first before applying current to the LED, and please always make sure NOT to apply current that is above the LED’s current rating.

  • Machine vision
  • Displays
  • Microscopy
  • Semiconductor equipment
  • Testing instruments
  • Medical instruments
  • Lighting
  • Fiber bundle coupling
  • 1W and 3W high-power emitters
  • High-efficiency collecting optics
  • Precision machined aluminum housing
  • Multiple mounting features for lab and OEM applications
  • Round and oval illumination profiles


LED Spotlight Installation Drawing:

Product specifications are subject to change without prior notice. All prices are FOB California, unless otherwise stated. Please call/email for volume pricing.