High-Current Universal 2-Channel LED Controllers with External Triggers and up to 2,000mA (CW) & 3,500mA (PWM) Output Current


Mightex has developed a series of computer-controllable, multi-channel, universal LED drivers, which can be used to drive any type of LED in any of the three (3) modes: ‘NORMAL’ (or ‘constant current’), ‘STROBE’, and/or external ‘TRIGGER’ mode. Each unit comes with PC-based software with a user-friendly GUI, which enables users to drive LEDs without the need to write any code. In addition, a powerful SDK is provided, in order for users to write their own software and to integrate Mightex’s LED drivers into their own systems. Furthermore, the drivers have a built-in security feature, allowing users to limit LED driving current and voltage.

This datasheet covers two (2) product series (i.e. HA and HV series) of High-Precision Universal 2-Channel LED Controllers with External Triggers and up to 2,000mA (CW) & 3,500mA (PWM) Output Current.

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Specifications: (Click here to download datasheet)

Power Supply Input Voltage, Vdc9 ~ 12    V
Power Supply Input Current4000    mA
Per Channel Driving Voltage (max)Vdc - 0.5    V
Max Voltage Difference
(Power Supply Vdc - LED Vop)
< 6V
Maximum Per Channel Driving Current2,000 (“NORMAL” MODE)    mA
3,500 (“STROBE” or “TRIGGER” MODE)    mA
Output Current Resolution1    mA
Output Current Linearity+/-4 (or +/-0.5%)    mA
Output Current Repeatability+/-1 (or +/-0.2%)    mA
Trigger Input High Level3.3 ~ 10.0    V
Trigger Input Low Level0.8 (Max.)    V
Forward Voltage Monitoring AccuracyN/A+/-10    mV

Timing Specifications:

Timing Resolution20μs
#of Data Points for Waveform Definition22
Trigger Pulse Width100(Minimum)μs
Max Trigger Delay25μs


  • Machine vision
  • Displays
  • Microscopy
  • Semiconductor equipment
  • Testing instruments
  • Medical instruments
  • Lighting


  • Driving current up to 2A in DC mode and up to 3.5A in pulse mode, with over current protection
  • Computer controllable
  • Universal – suitable for any LED
  • Capable of driving variable loads
  • User friendly application software with GUI
  • SDK and Rich RS232 command set included for custom applications
  • Normal, Strobe and Trigger mode for every channel
  • Programmable constant current, pulse-width modulation and/or arbitrary waveform
  • Up to 11.5V output voltage for each channel
    Programmable rising or falling edge external trigger
  • Built-in non-volatile memory, can be used without a PC

Standard Packing List:

  1. 1x LED controller
  2. 1x 12Vdc power supply
  3. 1x USB Cable (for -U models) or 1x RS232 Cable (for -S models)

Software Download:

LED Driver Control Panel Screen Shot

Product specifications are subject to change without prior notice. All prices are FOB California, unless otherwise stated. Please call/email for volume pricing.