Fujinon HF12.5SA-1 2/3″ 5 Mega Pixel Lens


The Fujinon HF12.5SA-1 high-resolution 5 Mega pixel Lens has user-friendly functions and user-oriented design and Professional-standard. The Fujinon HF12.5SA 1 high resolution 5 Mega Pixel Lens also has designed for wide-aperture (F1.4) and achieved clear images under low light intensity. The Fujinon HF12.5SA1 high-resolution 5 Mega Pixel Lens is ideal for production of macro photography content. Its rear focusing system provides an excellent choice for image recognition accuracy. The lens enhances by improvement of illumination uniformity, robust enclosure resistant to vibrations and shocks, and is equipped with locking knobs for the iris and the focus.

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Model: HF12.5SA-1
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  • Features
  • Fujinon 5 mega pixel camera lens
  • High-resolution design, providing support for up to 5 mega pixel camera resolution
  • Rear focusing system provides improved performance in macro photography
  • Wide-aperture (F1.4) design achieves clear images under low light intensity
  • Enhanced image recognition accuracy achieved by reduction of distortion and improvement of illumination uniformity
  • Robust enclosure resistant to vibrations and shocks. Equipped with locking knobs for the iris and the focus

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