Mightex Spectrometer Sensor Engine (SSE) Quick Start Guide

A PDF version of the SSE Quick Start Guide can also be downloaded here.
Before you set up and operate your Mightex SSE device, please download the product software package and read the User’s Guide, which can be found in “/Documents” directory in the SSE software package.
Device Care and ESD Precaution
1. When handling the SSE device, avoid touching the image sensor;
2. Avoid extended exposure to bright sunlight, rain, and dusty environments etc.;
3. Avoid excessive shaking, dropping or mishandling of the device;
4. Customers who have purchased a bare board-level device should:
-Use non-chargeable gloves, clothes or material to handle the device, and wear conductive shoes.
-Install a conductive mat on the floor or working table to prevent the generation of static electricity.


Download the SSE software package, and save it in a directory of your choice on your local hard disk.


Note: The software package contains an application software, SDK and all related documents. For more details, please refer to Mightex SSE User’s Manual, which can be found in the “\Documents” directory within the downloaded software package.


Connect the SSE to your computer using a USB cable, and make sure that the connection is firm and secure. The computer should show “Found New Hardware”.
Locate new hardware in Windows Device Manager, right-click and select the option to update driver. Follow the instruction shown on your computer screen to proceed.
  1. Right-click device to select properties, go to “Driver” tab and select “Update Driver”.
  2. Select “Browse my computer for driver software”.
  3. Browse to “\Driver” directory within the downloaded software package, and click “OK” (Note Windows 7 drivers are compatible with Windows 10).
  4. When prompted to install the driver, select “Install”.
Check driver installation is successful and run the software.
  1. In Windows Device Manager, expand “Universal Serial Bus Controllers”.
  2. The SSE device should be recognized as Mightex USB CCD Line Device.
  3. Locate and run demo application software (i.e. a .EXE file) under the “\Application” directory in the downloaded software package.
  4. Please refer to the User’s Manual for more details about the application software.