High-Sensitivity USB2.0 Color 1.4MP 2/3″ CCD Cameras with Frame Buffers


Model: CXE-C013-U
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Mightex USB 2.0 CCD cameras with frame buffers are optimized for machine-vision applications, and they can also be used for a wide variety of other applications such as digital microscopy and medical imaging, where quality, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness are crucial. These cameras have built-in frame buffers, external trigger-in, strobe-out, and a powerful camera engine that supports multiple cameras. Monochrome cameras often exhibit 20% higher spatial resolution than their color counterparts because no pixel interpolation is necessary. Without a Bayer color filter on the sensor, monochrome cameras are also more sensitive than color sensors especially in near IR and UV regions. Frame rate can be as high as 15 fps in full resolution and up to 80 fps using ROI mode. In addition, a user-friendly GUI based application software and an SDK are provided for custom software development. A USB command set protocol is also provided for non-Windows based applications.

High Sensitivity, Low Noise

USB2.0 powered – no need for external power supply.
[Note: Board-level cameras are designed for OEM applications, when a system-level enclosure is usually provided. One should be properly grounded when handling a board-level camera, in order to avoid Electro-Static Discharge (ESD) related damages. ESD related damages (which are considered as mis-handling) are not covered by product warranty. For lab use, it is strongly recommended that one choose an enclosed camera, instead of a board-level one.]

Specifications (Click here to download datasheet)

Number of GPIOs4
Resolution1,392 x 1,040 Color
CCD Chip2/3" Sony ICX285AQ, Global Shutter
Pixel Size6.45 x 6.45μm
Active Imager Size(Diagonal) 11.0mm
Scanning SystemProgressive
Frame Rates* (@28MHz Clock)15 @1392 x 1040
29 @696 x 520 (2x2 Bin)
37 @464 x 344 (3x3 Bin)
49 @348 x 256 (4x4 Bin)
49 @348 x 256 (1:4 Skip)
Sub Resolutions696 x 520(2x2 Bin), 464 x 344 (3x3 Bin), 348 x 256 (4x4 Bin),348 x 256 (1:4 Skip)
Shutter Speed (Exposure Time)0.05 ~ 200,000ms
Hardware Gains6 ~ 43dB
Trigger ModeWith external trigger
Trigger CableACC-CAM-DIN8
Trigger Delay< 25μs
Strobe OutYes
Lens MountCS– mount or C-mount
Built-in FiltersIR-cut (factory standard), or IR-pass, or no filter
Power Consumption< 1.8W
Dimension95 x 70 x 38.5 (CS-mount)
95 x 70 x 43.5 (C-mount)
Weight (excluding lens)150g

* The actual achievable frame rate depends on exposure time, as well as resources available from the PC system.


Pentium III 900 MHz or better, or a compatible processor
Operating System
Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10
256MB or greater
Hard Disk Space
30MB for software installation, plus additional space for storing captured images
24bit True Color
USB2.0 Host Controller
Intel integrated host controller (recommended)

• Built-in frame buffer (8 frames at full resolution)
• Support multi-camera applications
• 4 GPIO pins
• Higher sensitivity than color cameras
• 1392×1040 active imaging pixels
• Ultra compact
• High-speed USB 2.0 (480Mb/s)
• Digital output, no need for frame grabber
• Full featured SDK
• Compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7/8/10
• USB protocol for non-Windows based applications
• DirectShow, TWAIN and Linux drivers
• External and software trigger
• Strobe output for external flash
• ROI & pixel skipping/binning
• No need for external power supply
• OEM versions available

• Machine vision
• Fluorescence imaging
• Digital microscopy
• Medical imaging
• Semiconductor equipment
• Test instruments
• High-quality ID photo capture
• Document scanners
• 2D barcode readers
• Security camera
• Astrophotography

Product Datasheet:

Installation Drawings:

Software Download:

Standard Packing List:

  1. 1x Camera (w/o an imaging lens)
  2. 1x IR-cut filter (pre-installed, retail version only)
  3. 1x USB Cable (Note: Trigger cable is NOT included and needs to be ordered separately)

Software Download:

  • CCD camera software package download (.zip file, 9.6MB), inlcuding User’s Guide, SDK, Windows-based application software with GUI, DirectShow driver, TWAIN Driver, and example codes in VB, C++ and Delphi.

(1) For a C-mount enclosed camera order, a CS-mount enclosed camera would be shipped along with a CS-to-C mount adapter (P/N: ACC-CAM-CSC). For details of converting a CS-mount camera to a C-mount camera, please click here.

Product specifications are subject to change without prior notice. All prices are FOB California, unless otherwise stated. Please call/email for volume pricing.