Four-Channel Dual-Mode (Manual/Software) LED Controller


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Mightex’s four-channel SLC/MU-series universal LED controllers are designed to drive a broad range of LED light sources, and they offer the flexibility for users to operate each LED channel independently, both manually and through software. In addition, the LEDs can be driven both in Continuous Wave (CW) mode and in strobe mode. The software comes with a user-friendly GUI that enables one to drive LEDs without the need to write any code. Furthermore, a full-featured SDK is provided in order for users to write their own software and to integrate the LED controllers into their own systems.

1. Manual Control: Each of the four channels can be operated manually in CW mode using a knob, and each knob is operated independently to control the output current of a specific channel. The LED controller also has a fifth knob (i.e. a “Global” knob) that enables one to adjust the output current of all the channels at the same time and with the same step size. Therefore, one can first set the intensities for the LED channels – independently – using the four (small) knobs, and then can increase/decrease the set intensities of all channels simultaneously using the “Global” knob.
In order to prevent LED damage due to ‘overdriving/overheating’, the maximum output current of each LED channel can be set individually, via the software provided with the LED controller, to match the current rating of the LED connected to the channel.
2. Software Control: The LED controller can also be operated via a Windows-based application software, provided with the device. In software control mode, each channel can be individually configured by the software to operate in one of the following three modes:
a. Disable Mode:
    The channel is disabled, and its output is completely turned off.
b. Normal Mode (or CW Mode):
The output current is constant, which can be adjusted (using software) from 0mA to 1,200mA through the USB interface.
c. Strobe Mode:
A Pulse-Width-Modulated (or PWM) periodic strobe pattern is output from the channel, which can be activated by a software trigger. The strobe pattern may last indefinitely or for a preset number of cycles, depending on the software setting. The maximum frequency of the PWM strobe is 500Hz.
The LED controller also has a DC output used to control a cooling fan, usually used to cool down a high-power LED. The LED controller’s software allows one to control the speed of the cooling fan, through a designated variable PWM signal output.

Specifications: (Click here to download datasheet)

Number of Channels44
Power Supply Input Voltage (Vdc )12 ~ 24V
Maximum Output Voltage (Vmax )Vdc  - 3.0V
Maximum Per Channel Output Current (Imax )1200mA
Maximum Per Channel Output Power (Pmax )18W
Output Current Resolution51mA
Output Current Accuracy±5 mA or ±1.0%, whichever is largermA
Output Current Repeatability±2 mA or ±0.5%, whichever is largermA
PWM Timing Resolution100µs
PWM Timing Minimum Step Size1000µs

*Note: If the channel output voltage is Vd and the output current is Id, they must simultaneously satisfy: (1) Vd <= Vmax ; (2) Id <= Imax; and (3) Vd *Id <= Pmax. Each period of a PWM square wave comprises of ON time and OFF time ( i.e. two steps). The minimum value for each step is 1,000µs, and the minimum increment is 100µs.

Each channel has two pins, defined in the following table

DescriptionLED AnodeLED Cathode


Pentium III 900 MHz or better, or a compatible processor
Operating System
Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10
256MB or greater
Hard Disk Space
30MB for software installation, plus additional space for storing captured images
24bit True Color
USB2.0 Host Controller
Intel integrated host controller (recommended)

· Software/manual controlled
· Current monitoring display
· Universal driver- suitable for any LED
· User friendly application software with GUI
· Capable of driving variable loads
· Full-featured SDK
· Up to 1200mA output   current
· High precision with 1mA current resolution




· Machine Vision
· Displays
· Semiconductor equipments
· Test Instruments
· Microscopy
· Medical Instruments

Standard Packing List:

  1. 1x LED controller
  2. 1x 12Vdc power suppler (upgradeable to 24Vdc for $19/ea)
  3. 1x USB Cable

Software Download:

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