Camera Accessories: Cables and Brackets


Various Cables for Mightex’s Cameras

  1. (ACC-USB-2M) – 6-foot-long USB A-B cable;
  2. (ACC-USB-5M) – Extra-length (15 feet long) USB A-B cable;
  3. (ACC-USB-M2M) – 6-foot-long USB A-miniB cable;
  4. (ACC-USB-M5M) – Extra-length (15 feet long) USB A-miniB cable;
  5. (ACC-CAM-DIN8) – Mightex’s M-series, B-series, CCD (except CGx-series) and USB3.0 camera trigger cable with an 8-pin DIN connector. For GPIOs and external triggers etc. 50cm length.
  6. (ACC-CAM-CON8) – Mightex’s Con8 cable for S-series and CGx-series CCD cameras. For GPIOs and external triggers etc. 1 meter length.
  7. (ACC-CAM-BRKT) – USB connector holding bracket for Mightex’s MCE-, BCE-, and SME- CMOS cameras.
  8. (ACC-USB-M2M-S) 6-foot-long USB A-miniB cable with locking screws, for S-series enclosed cameras only.

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