BLS-Series High-Current LED Drivers with Manual & Analog-Input Controls and Tool-free Connectors


High Current, manual and analog-voltage controlled LED drivers for Mightex Type-H Super High Power LEDs:

  • BLS-13000-1E: Up to 13A current output and 3kHz modulation speed. One (1) channel.
  • BLS-18000-1: Up to 18A current output and 3kHz modulation speed. One (1) channel.

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Mightex BLS-13000-1E and BLS-18000-1 LED controllers are designed for driving Mightex Type-H Super High Power LED Sources. The controllers have two operation modes:

Manual Mode: the output current can be controlled by manually turning the knobs; or
Trigger Mode: the output current can be controlled via an external analog input signal between 0-5V.

The control mode is selected with a slide switch on the front panel, and the factory default is “Manual” mode. BLS-13000-1E and BLS-18000-1 have a maximum current setting of 13,000mA and 18,000mA, respectively.

When the controller is set to “Trigger” mode, the output current is fully controlled by the input analog signal (0-5V).

  • Dual Control Modes: manual or analog voltage-input controlled
  • High output current – up to 18A
  • BNC connectors for analog voltage inputs
  • Simple, tool-free connections
  • Capable of driving variable loads
  • Optogenetics
  • Fluorescence excitation
  • Microscopy
  • Testing instruments
  • Medical instruments

Specifications (Click here to download datasheet)

ParametersModel NumberUnit
Power Supply Input Voltage (DC), Vdc481212V
Power Supply Input Current (DC)< 2.5A13.75A13.75A
Channel Driving Voltage (Max)
Current Accuracy±3%mA
Output Driving Current Range0 ~ 13,0000 ~ 13,0000 ~ 18,000mA
Channel Output Power Limit< 72< 95< 135W
Channel Frequency Response< 3KHz
External Analog Input0 ~ 5V

Note: *Spec for legacy support. BLS-13000-1 has been discontinued and replaced by BLS-13000-1E;

Front and Rear Panels:

The Front Panel has a power switch and a power indicator. Each channel has its own slide switch (for selecting Manual or Trigger mode) and a turning knob (for adjusting output current).

The Rear Panel has a DC input plug. LED+ and LED- connectors for LED power. A BNC connector for external trigger/analog voltage signal. 12V DC output (2-pin Aero connector)for the LED cooling fan.

Mechanical Specifications:
Dimensions: 221mm (L) x 156mm (W) x 96mm (H)
Weight: 1300g

Product specifications are subject to change without prior notice. All prices are FOB California, unless otherwise stated. Please call/email for volume pricing.