Accessories for LED Light Sources


  • ACC-FCS-C05: cable for (1) FCS-series fiber-coupled LED light sources; (2) WLS-series WheeLED Wavelength-Switchable LED Sources; (3) FFC-series Fiber-Coupled LED Light Sources; and (4) GCS-series Light Guide Coupled LED Sources.
  • ACC-FCS-C05-BLS: cable for FCS-, FFC-, GCS-, and WLS-series LED light sources.  With push-pull connectors on both ends for connecting to BLS- controllers.
  • ACC-WFC4-C05: cable for 4-channel WFC-series LED sources.
  • ACC-WFC4-C05-BLS: cable for 4-channel WFC- light sources.  With 4 push-pull connectors for connecting to BLS- controllers.

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