Mightex LED Controllers Quick Start Guide

A PDF version of the LED Controller Quick Start Guide can also be downloaded here.
Before you set up and operate your Mightex LED controller, please download the controller’s software package and read the User’s Guide, which can be found in “/Documents” directory in the controller’s software package.
Before connecting your LED to Mightex’s LED controller
1. Please check your LEDs datasheet and note the maximum current rating.  After launching the controller’s software GUI, set the channel’s maximum output current accordingly – this could prevent over-driving (and potentially damaging) the LED;
2. It is recommended that proper heat dissipation (e.g. a heat sink) be provided to the LED before applying current;
3. Multiple LEDs can be applied to an LED output channel. It is recommended to connect the LEDs in series, such that all LEDs are driven by the same current.  Please check the LEDs forward voltage rating and the LED controller’s maximum output voltage specification and determine the number of LEDs that can be supported by the LED controller.


Download the LED controller software package, and save it in a directory of your choice on your local hard disk.

Note: The software package contains an application software, a SDK and all related documents. For more details, please refer to Mightex LED Controllers User’s Manual, which can be found in the “\Documents” directory within the downloaded software package.

Connect the controller to your computer using a USB or RS232 cable, and make sure that the connection is firm and secure. Connect the power adapter to the LED controller.
Plug the power adapter to the wall and turn on the power switch on the LED controller. The LED controller is a standard HID device, and there is NO need for a device driver.
Note: Before connecting an LED to the LED controller, please make sure the power switch on the controller is turned OFF.

Launch LED controller software on the computer, and test run the software.
The Mightex LED controller software application “LEDDriver.exe” can be found in the “\Software” directory in the downloaded software package. For more details on the software application, please refer to the Mightex LED Controller User’s Manual found in the “\Documents” directory in the downloaded software package.