SLC-SA/AA Series Universal Four-Channel LED Controllers with External Triggers

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Mightex has developed a series of computer-controllable, multi-channel, universal LED drivers, which can be used to drive any type of LED in any of the three (3) modes: ‘NORMAL’ (or ‘constant current’), ‘STROBE’, and/or external ‘TRIGGER’ mode. Each unit comes with PC-based software with a user-friendly GUI, which enables users to drive LEDs without the need to write any code. In addition, a powerful SDK and a rich RS232 command set are provided, in order for users to write their own software in order to integrate Mightex’s LED drivers into their own systems. Furthermore, the drivers have a built-in security feature, allowing users to limit LED driving current and voltage.




Parameters SLC-AAxx-xx SLC-AVxx-xx SLC-SAxx-xx SLC-SVxx-xx Unit
Power Supply Input Voltage, Vdc 9 ~ 24 V
Power Supply Input Current < 4,000 mA
Per Channel Driving Voltage (max) 1 (Vdc - 0.5) V
Per Channel Driving Current 0 ~ 1,000 (“NORMAL” MODE) mA
0 ~ 3,500 (“STROBE” or “TRIGGER” MODE) mA
Output Current Resolution 12 bit
Output Current Linearity +/-4 (or +/-0.5%) mA
Output Current Repeatability +/-1 (or +/-0.2%) mA
Trigger Input High Level 4.5 ~ 10.0 V
Trigger Input Low Level 0.8 (Max.) V
Forward Voltage Monitoring Accuracy N.A. +/-10 N.A. +/-10 mV

Notes: 1. Maximum Output Voltage is 0.5V less than the Power Supply Input Voltage. For instance, with a Power Supply Input Voltage of Vdc = 24V, the Maximum Output Voltage Vmax would be Vdc - 0.5V = 23.5V.
2. Each output channel can be individually configured to work in one of the following three (3) modes, controlled through a PC-based software with GUI. In all three modes, overdrive current limit can be set:
Normal: Constant current output at any value from 0mA to 1000mA with 12-bit resolution.
Trigger: External trigger signal could be used to turn on each individual channel, generating driving current with any user-defined waveform. Alternatively, each output channel can work under the “FOLLOWER” mode, in which the current output follows the waveform of the trigger input; and
Strobe: Internal Strobe Generator generates frequencies as high as 25KHz. The strobe signal (i.e. current levels, duty cycle and strobe frequency) can be set through software. For AA and AV series, the strobe signal can be a user-defined arbitrary waveform with 128 data points.
3. Arbitrary Waveform. Using the included application software or SDK or RS232 command set, user may define any arbitrary waveform using 128 data points.

Proper heat dissipation should be provided to the LED controller in customer's system in order to prevent over-heating, which may lead to self-shutdown by the LED controller for protection purpose. In addition, the total output current of all channels should not exceed the capacity of the power adapter.


Parameters SLC-AAxx-xx SLC-AVxx-xx SLC-SAxx-xx SLC-SVxx-xx Unit
Timing Resolution 20 μs
# of Data Points for Waveform Definition  128 2  
Trigger Pulse Width 100 (Minimum) μs
Max Trigger Delay 25 μs
What's "Arbitrary Waveform"?
- For some LED controller models, one can use up to 128 pairs of [current (mA), duration (μs)] data points to define the 'shape' of the waveform. This will allow one to define an 'Arbitrary Waveform' for the LED driving current and consequently the LED's optical output. Details see diagram below.

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SLC-AA04-US Universal Four-Channel LED Controllers with External Triggers, USB and RS232 Interfaces, with arbitrary waveform  $1,245.00USD/ea 
SLC-SA04-US Universal Four-Channel LED Controllers with External Triggers, USB and RS232 Interfaces  $905.00USD/ea 
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