Compact Universal 1- and 2- Channel LED Controllers

Mightex’s Compact 1- and 2- Channel Computer-Controlled Universal LED Drivers are designed to drive a broad range of LED light sources. Each unit comes with a powerful PC-based software with a user-friendly GUI, which enables users to drive LEDs without the need to write any code. In addition, a full-featured SDK is provided, in order for users to write their own software and to integrate Mightex’s LED drivers into their own systems. Furthermore, the drivers have a built-in protection feature, allowing users to limit LED driving current and voltage. Each channel can be individually configured to work under one of the following two modes: Normal Mode (or DC Mode): The output current is a constant, which can be adjusted (using software) from 0 mA to 1,000 mA, through the USB interface; and Strobe Mode: A Pulse-Width-Modulated (or PWM) periodic strobe pattern is output from the channel, which can be turned on by a software trigger. The strobe pattern may last indefinitely or for a preset number of cycles. The frequency of the PWM strobe can be up to 500Hz. In addition, each channel can be individually DISABLED and ENABLED. No voltage or current is output from a DISABLED channel.


Parameters SLC-MA01-U SLC-MA02-U Unit
Number of Channels 1 2  
Power Supply Input Voltage (Vdc) 9 ~ 24 V
Maximum Output Voltage (Vmax) 1 (Vdc- 3) V
Maximum Per Channel Output Current (Imax) 1,000 mA
Maximum Per Channel Output Power (Pmax)2 10 W
Output Current Resolution 1 mA
Output Current Accuracy ±5 mA or ±1.0%, whichever is larger mA
Output Current Repeatability ±2 mA or ±0.5%, whichever is larger mA
PWM Timing Resolution3 100 μs
PWM Timing Minimum Step Size3   1,000 μs
Interface USB  

1. Maximum Output Voltage is 3V less than the Power Supply Input Voltage. For instance, with a Power Supply Input Voltage of Vdc = 24V, the Maximum Output Voltage Vmax would be (Vdc- 3V) = 21V;

2. If the channel output voltage is Vd and the output current is Id, they must simultaneously satisfy: (1) Vd <= Vmax ; (2) Id <= Imax; and (3) Vd *Id <= Pmax; and

3. Each period of a PWM square wave comprises of ON time and OFF time, i.e. two (2) ‘steps’. The minimum value for each step is 1,000μs, and the minimum increment is 100μs.

4. Proper heat dissipation should be provided to the LED controller in customer's system in order to prevent over-heating, which may lead to self-shutdown by the LED controller for protection purpose. In addition, the total output current of all channels should not exceed the capacity of the power adapter.


Each Channel has two pins, defined as following:

Label LED+ LED-
Description LED Anode LED Cathode

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SLC-MA01-U Miniaturized universal 1-channel computer-controlled LED driver, USB interface  $395.00USD/ea 
SLC-MA02-U Miniaturized universal 2-channel computer-controlled LED driver, USB interface  $474.00USD/ea 
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