Camera Accessories: Optical Filters

Various Optical Filters for Mightex's Cameras:

  1. (ACC-CAM-IRC) - IR-cut filter. Dimensions: 18mm in diameter, and 1mm in thickness.;
  2. (ACC-CAM-IRPxxx) Various IR-pass filters. Dimensions: 15(L) x 13(W) x 2(T) mm.; and
  3. (ACC-CAM-PGP) - Plain glass plates for Mightex's cameras. Dimensions: 18mm in diameter, and 1mm in thickness.
Please note that, while ACC-CAM-IRC and ACC-CAM-PGP can be drop-in replacement, ACC-CAM-IRPxxx will have to be glued to the camera using epoxy due to its 2mm thickness.


IR-Cut Filter Spectral Response

Ordering Information:
Model Name Price Buy Now Availability
ACC-CAM-IRC IR-cut filter for Mightex's CMOS cameras  $18.00USD/ea 
ACC-CAM-IRP1000 IR-pass filter, cut-off wavelength 1000nm  $89.00USD/ea 
ACC-CAM-IRP610 IR-pass filter, cut-off wavelength 610nm  $84.00USD/ea 
ACC-CAM-IRP665 IR-pass filter, cut-off wavelength 665nm  $84.00USD/ea 
ACC-CAM-IRP780 IR-pass filter, cut-off wavelength 780nm  $89.00USD/ea 
ACC-CAM-IRP850 IR-pass filter, cut-off wavelength 850nm  $89.00USD/ea 
ACC-CAM-PGP Plain glass plate for Mightex's cameras  $12.00USD/ea 
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