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Mightex Systems, with operations based in Toronto, Canada, and in the Silicon Valley, California, is a leading supplier of photonic products and services for a broad spectrum of applications including industrial imaging, bio-photonic solutions, LED illumination, machine vision, life & health sciences, and industrial test & measurement etc.


OEM Services:

With a world-class OEM design team, Mightex offers a broad range of customized solutions in order to meet individual customer’s unique requirements. At Mightex, our mission is to provide you - our customers - with high quality solution at low cost and in a timely fashion. Our engineering team will partner with you to create “total solutions” to fit your requirements.

Please call 1-416-840 4991 or email sales@mightexsystems.com for further information and details.

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(In Canada) 109 Railside Road, Suite 305, Toronto, Ontario M3A 1B2, CANADA. 
(In US) 1241 Quarry Lane, Suite 105, Pleasanton, CA 94566, USA.
                         Tel: 1-416-840-4991      Fax: 1-416-840 6541       E-mail: sales@mightexsystems.com or sales@mightex.com


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