Mightex Conference Travel Grants

Instruction and Application Information

Mightex Travel Grants are awarded to full-time undergraduate and post-graduate students as well as post-doctoral researcher, who are currently studying in educational institutions around the world. The winner must be engaged in scientific research and/or engineering development projects using products/equipment supplied by Mightex, and he/she must submit a 1-2 page report based on his/her research to Mightex for assessment.

About the Mightex Travel Grant
The Mightex Travel Grant winners will be awarded
  • a one-time cash award of USD$500, presented at the meeting;
  • with his/her research report published on Mightex's website.
The applicant must be
  • a full-time undergraduate or post-graduate student or post doctoral researcher;
  • studying in an educational institution anywhere in the world;
  • self-nominated, or nominated by an authorized official of the educational institution.
How to Apply?
1. All applicants must complete the nomination using this application form. The form must be signed by the applicant (i.e. the student), and co-signed by the student's advisor or an authorized official of the educational organization;

2. The following items must be submitted along with the application form:
  • The applicant's resume, including contact details such as mailing address, email address and telephone number(s);
  • A 1-2 page report describing his/her research project conducted using products/equipment supplied by Mightex. In the report, details of Mightex's products (including Mightex's company name, product names and model #s) must be clearly stated, and the report must clearly describe how the products are used in the research project. Included in the report should be at least one(1) high quality photo that illustrates their research project, or helps explains results obtained from their research project.
Please see "Research Report Guidelines" on Page-3 of the application form for more information.

Questions and Submission
Applicants are encouraged to contact Mightex Systems if they have any questions. To submit your application, or for questions regarding eligibility, procedures and administrative details, please email info@mightex.com.