FAQ - BioLED Light Source Solutions

1. What are the differences between BioLED light source control module (BLS-SA04-US) and the SLC-SA04-US LED controller?

[A] BioLED light source control module (BLS-SA04-US) and the SLC-SA04-US LED controller have a lot in common in view of hardware design. Their primary differences can be summarized below:

SLC-SA04-US is a 'universal' LED controller, which can be used to drive LED's made by any manufacturer and any model. This is of course preferred by OEM customers, as they can use one solution to solve many different problems. For our academic/research customers, however, they usually find it a little tricky to drive their LED's to obtain the power they need without worrying about over-driving the LED's and hence damaging them.

In order to prevent accidental damage to LEDs, we have introduced BioLED light source solutions. In this case, each and every CHANNEL on the BioLED light source control module (BLS-SA04-US) is pre-programmed to control a specific LED, with its current rating stored in software. This means that our customers no longer need to worry about overdriving/damaging the LEDs.

2. What is "IntelliPulsing"?

[A] With a BioLED light source solution, because we know the exact LED's specifications that is connected to a specific control channel, (by imposing some boundary conditions) one can actually get much higher power from the LED's in a so-called "IntelliPulsing" mode, without damaging the LED's. The boundary conditions of the IntelliPulsing mode are based on extensive test data that Mightex's engineering team have collected on each type of LEDs, and they are then incorporated into the software of our BioLED Control Module. It is hard to get to the details without touching upon the proprietary test data, but a more general rule of thumb is to limit the pulse width to <5ms and - at the same time - limit the pulse duty cycle to <1%. Again, the IntelliPulsing is ONLY supported by Mightex's BioLED Control Module, but NOT the universal LED controllers such as the SLC-SA04-US LED controller (which are designed for OEM industrial applications).

3. What is "patterned” illumination with Mightex's Polygon400 Multiwavelength Dynamic Spatial Illuminators (DSI)?

[A] By 'patterned' illumination', we mean that customers have the control over which area(s) on the specimen they would like to illuminate, and the rest of the specimen will be protected from (for example) 'bleaching'. The specific spatial 'pattern' is entirely programmable by customers using the user-friendly software that comes with the Polygon400. In fact, customers can simply use the computer mouse to define the area(s) that they would like to illuminate, or they can use any pre-defined illumination pattern. In other words, the 'patterned' illumination can be summarized as features below:

* Arbitrary shape/size of illumination pattern, programmable by customers
* Simultaneous illumination of multiple regions of interest.

In addition to spatial control stated above, Mightex's Polygon400 will also allow customer to modulate/pulse the illumination (i.e. timing control) as well as to switch the illumination wavelengths (i.e. spectral control), all through the powerful and user-friendly software that comes with the Polygon400.