Dec. 2018

Mightex expands High-Power Fiber-Coupled Laser Sources. Adds 465nm one-channel fiber-coupled laser source with 3.2W optical output.

Jul. 2017

Mightex introduces High-Power Fiber-Coupled Laser Sources. Adds 405nm, 463nm, and 635nm wavelengths with up to 1.1W optical output. One or two-wavelength sources available.

Feb. 2017

Mightex expands Type-H Super-High Power Collimator LED’s. Adds 65W (3.5W optical output) 6500K Glacier White LED and matching BLS-18000-1 High-current manual and analog voltage-controlled LED driver.

Jan. 2017

Find out more about the BRAIN Initiative, a funding opportunity for researching using innovative approaches to understand how circuit activity gives rise to mental experience and behavior.

Sept. 2015

Mightex expands precision LED spotlight Solutions. Adds higher power 656nm LED source.

Sept. 2015

Mightex adds new microscope adapter for side port of Zeiss Axio Examiner Z1 for Polygon400 multiwavelength patterned illuminator.

Sept. 2015

Mightex adds new 560nm broadband built-in LED wavelength for Polygon400 multiwavelength patterned illuminator.

Jul. 2015

Mightex expands Collimator LED light sources. Adds higher power 490nm, 505nm, and 5500K LED sources.

Jun. 2015

Mightex’s market-leading Polygon400 multiwavelength patterned illuminator is now supported by µManager, the open source microscopy software.

Jan. 2015

Mightex introduces OASIS In Vivo Macro & Microscope Platform, customizable in-vivo patterned illumination solution with market-leading Polygon400 Pattern Illuminator.

Dec. 2014

Mightex expands Collimator LED light sources. Adds 15 new wavelengths and 23 new models.

Dec. 2014

Mightex introduces PolyScan, Optogenetics Patterned Illumination Software with 3-month Free Trial with Polygon purchase; auto-calibration, grid and path scanning, sequence editing and preview, and many more features.

Nov. 2014

Mightex introduces BLS-13000-1. High-current manual and analog voltage-controlled LED driver for Type-H Super-High Power Collimator LED’s and Light guide coupled LED’s.

Aug. 2014

Mightex’s market-leading Polygon400 multiwavelength patterned illuminator is now supported by Nikon’s NIS-Element software.

Jun. 2014

Mightex introduces new line of Type-H Super-High Power Collimator LED’s and Light-guide coupled LED’s. Featuring up to >3W of optical output.

May. 2014

Mightex introduces In-vivo Optogenetic Start Kit.

Dec. 2013

Mightex introduces USB3.0 Super-speed 1.2-Megapixel Global Shutter CMOS cameras. Up to 60fps at full resolution.

Sept. 2012

Mar. 2012

Jan. 2012

Mightex introduces BioLED Light Source Solutions;

Nov. 2011

Oct. 2011

Mightex expands High-Resolution High-Stability CCD Spectrometers product line to cover 700-870nm range with 0.2nm spectral resolution.

Aug. 2011

Jul. 2011

Mightex Iintroduces Light Guide Collimators.

Jul. 2011

Jun. 2011

Mightex expands product line of LED Collimator Sources and Focusing Modules.

Apr. 201

Mightex introduces Multi-Channel CCD Spectrometers.

Mar. 2011

Feb. 2011

Mightex introduces Wavelength Switchable LED Sources.

Sept. 2010

Jul. 2010

Jun. 2010

Apr. 2010

UV LED light sources at 365nm and 385nm are now available: (1) LED Collimator Sources; (2) Fiber-Coupled LED Sources; and (3) Microscopy Light Sources.

Apr. 2010

Jan. 2010

Mightex introduces Precision LED Spot Lights.

Dec. 2009

Mightex introduces FilterReader Spectrophotometer.

Nov. 2009

Mightex introduces Microscopy Light Sources (MLS).

Aug. 2009

Agu. 2009

Mightex introduces UV spectrometer.

Jul. 2009

Mightex’s camera 64bit driver (beta version) is now available for trial.

Jul. 2009

Mightex introduces compact 1/3″ CCD cameras.

Jul. 2009

LED spotlights enabling light to be coupled into fiber bundles (see lens code “E”) are now available.

Jun. 2009

Apr. 2009

LabView example application is now available for Mightex’s CCD line cameras.

Apr. 2009

LabView example application is now available for Mightex’s SLC-series LED controllers.

Dec. 2008

Nov. 2008

High-sensitivity CCD cameras are now available.

Oct. 2008

Sept. 2008

Buffered USB2.0 Monochrome 5MP CMOS Cameras with 32MB on-board memory are now available. -Support multi-camera applications.

Aug. 2008

Linux drivers for Mightex’s buffered cameras are now available.

May. 2008

USB2.0 High-Speed 2048-Pixel 12-Bit CCD Line Camera (enclosed) is now available. Designed for industrial process control and machine vision applications.