Sub-Stage Launch of Polygon400

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Polygon400 patterned illuminators are readily coupled into a microscope through either a camera port or a beamsplitter cube inserted into the infinity path of the microscope. There are still situations where none of these options are available. This is where the newly-introduced sub-stage launch solution can help.

The sub-stage tube assembly consists of a beamsplitter to direct the light from Polygon400 into the transmission-illumination path, and an imaging lens to bring Polygo400 image into focus on the specimen. The sub-stage tube assembly is mounted on the front tube of Polygon400 which is in turn fixed on an XYZ translation stage. An example is shown in image below.

On an upright microscope the sub-stage tube assembly is positioned underneath the specimen(existing microscope condenser needs to be removed). Focus and position of the patterned illumination is adjusted with the XYZ stage. Note that the built-in transmission illumination of the microscope is still available because the imaging lens in the sub-stage tube assembly acts as a condenser.

On an inverted microscope the sub-stage tube assembly is actually positioned above the specimen with the imaging lens facing down towards the specimen. Again the existing microscope condenser needs to be removed.

With sub-stage launch field of view of Polygon400 is determined by the magnification of the imaging lens in the sub-stage tube assembly. Changing objective lenses on the microscope will not re-size Polygon400 illumination pattern. This feature allows user to have a fixed illumination pattern while viewing the specimen at various magnifications.

The illumination pattern can also be translated in X and Y directions with the XYZ translation stage to cover a wider area on the specimen, potentially even outside the field of view of the microscope.

Polygon400 with sub-stage launch can also be used as a stand-alone illuminator without a microscope. For example, it can be used in Mightex OASIS microscopes and macroscopes to provide transmission illumination.


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