BioLED Light Delivery Systems Selection Guide


Scientific Publications using Mightex LED Sources & Controllers.

How to Choose an LED Controller?.

Depending on your specific applications, there are usually four ways to control an LED: (1) manual; (2) through software; (3) via TTL pulses; and (4) via an analog signal. Click on the link above for a detailed LED controller selection guide.

Mightex BLS-series BioLED light delivery systems are modularized fully-customizable turn-key solutions for optogenetics, fluorescence excitation, and other bioscience applications. Precisely-timed and high-intensity light pulses are required in optogenetics experiments to activate channelrhodopsins (ChR2, ChR1 etc.) and halorhodopsins (NpHR) in order to excite and inhibit neurons. To meet these requirements, Mightex has developed a proprietary “IntelliPulsing” technology to allow BLS-series sources to output significantly higher power in pulse mode than what the LEDs are rated for in CW mode. Below is a BioLED product selection guide:

BLS-SA BLS-1000 FCS WFC LCS Multi-Wavelength LCS GCS PLS WLS Fiber Collimator Fiber Collimator Lightguide Adapter Lightguide Adapter Lightguide Collimator Lightguide Adapter Microscope Adapter Microscope Adapter Microscope Adapter Default

The chart below shows the LED wavelengths that Mightex has to offer as of January 2016:

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to order a BioLED light source solution:

Step-1: Add a BioLED Control Module (P/N: BLS-SA04-US or BLS-SA02-US) to shopping cart;

Step-2: Add desired BLS-series Optical Heads (e.g. BLS-FCS-0470 etc.) to shopping cart; and

Step-3: In the notes section, mark the channel positions on the BioLED Control Module for each Optical Head. For example: Channel#1: BLS-FCS-0470, Channel#2: BLS-PLS-0590-030, Channel#3: 530nm LED in BLS-WFC-H2-0530-0625, and Channel#4: 625nm LED in BLS-WFC-H2-0530-0625. Order completed.



  • Optogenetics
  • Fluorescence excitation
  • Photoactivation
  • Photostimulation
  • Uncaging
  • General microscopy

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