Pentax-Cosmicar C30811TH (C815B) Monofocal Manual Iris Lens

The Pentax C30811TH-(C815B) features Standard lens for Machine Vision applications, High resolution compatible with VGA cameras, A wide product range compatible with cameras from 1/3"to 1"format and Lockable focus & iris rings prevent movement during vibration and shock.

The C30811TH(C815B) can be used in Pattern recognition, Gauging, Inspection of pharmaceutical/medical devices, food/beverage inspection.

→ Format Size: 2/3 format
→ Focal Length: 8.5mm
→ Max. Aperture Ratio: 1:1.5
→ Iris Range: 1.5~C
→ Mount: C
→ Horizontal Angle of View:
→ 1/4 format: 24.02°
→ 1/3 format: 31.87°
→ 1/2 format: 42.09°
→ 2/3 format: 56.49°
→ Min. Object Distance: 0.2m
→ Back Focal Length: 10.88mm
→ Filter Size: 40.5mm P=0.5mm
→ Dimensions: 42x40mm
→ Weight: 120g


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C815B Pentax-Cosmicar C30811TH (C815B) Monofocal Manual Iris Lens, focal length 8.5mm  $109.00USD/ea 
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