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Mightex’s SLB-1200-1 universal LED driver is designed for driving a broad range of LED light sources. The LED driver has two control modes:

  • Manual Knob Control Mode: the output current can be adjusted manually; and

  • Analog Input Control Mode: the output current can be controlled via a 0~5V analog input signal.

The control mode is set via a DIP switch, and the factory default setting is “Manual Knob Control Mode”. The driver also has a Maximum Current Setting DIP Switch, which allows user to set the maximum current to 350mA, 750mA or 1200mA, whichever applicable. The factory default setting is 350mA. When the Maximum Current Setting DIP Switch is set at a smaller value (e.g. 350mA), the LED driver has a finer resolution for the output current.

When the driver is set to “Analog Input Control Mode”, the output current is proportional to the voltage of the analog input signal.


  • Dual control modes: manual or analog-input
  • Universal - suitable for any LED
  • Tiered maximum output current settings (i.e. 350, 750 and 1200mA) to prevent overdrive
  • Capable of driving variable loads

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