OASIS Imaging & Stimulation Systems for Head-Fixed Animals


Optical Activation, Stimulation & Imaging System


Customer Reference: OASIS modular system for live animal optogenetic stimulation.

Researchers at NYU use Mightex's OASIS to study spatio-temporal codes in the olfactory bulb of awake and behaving mice.


White Paper: Patterned Illumination Systems for Optogenetics


Translates and Rotates for Live Animal Research

Simultaneously Image & Deliver Wide-field and/or Pattern Illumination

Macro or Microscopic Optical Assembly

Modular Platform Tailors to any Experimental Application

Excellent System for:
    In Vivo Optogenetics

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Mightex's Optical Activation, Stimulation and Imaging System (OASIS) is designed specifically to meet the growing demand to conduct experiments on live animals, when system flexibility is a primary consideration and a large Field of View (FoV) is usually required. In Optogenetics, for example, in vivo patterned illumination on rodents, monkeys and other animals is the next step towards the ultimate goal of being able to record and control the activity of each neuron in the brain of behaving animals at a single cell and ms resolution. To achieve patterned illumination for in vivo applications, the OASIS features Mightex’s market-leadingPolygon400 patterned Illuminator to deliver light to a specified area of the specimen while leaving neighboring areas untouched.

Whereas traditional microscopes are a fixed system with limited flexibility, OASIS is designed to provide excellent reconfigurability/flexibility and can be configured to work around a fixed specimen such as a sedated live animal. A heavy-duty precision XYZ stage is mounted on the support structure and the OASIS optical assembly is in turn mounted on the XYZ stage. The XYZ stage controls the lateral motion as well as focus of the system. A pan/tilt mechanism add-on is also available to orient the OASIS relative to the live animal. Motorized versions of both the XYZ stage and tilt mechanism are available.



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