"OASIS Implant" Deep-Brain Optogenetic System for Freely Behaving Animals

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OASIS Implant a ground-breaking system that is capable of performing simultaneous all-optical recording (e.g. Calcium imaging) and manipulation (e.g. optogenetic stimulation) in the deep brain of a freely behaving animal to observe neural circuit activity with high cellular resolution. Compatible with high-sensitivity research-grade cameras, OASIS Implant enables researchers to acquire high quality deep-brain images with low noise and high linearity, enabling quantitative data analysis. In addition, with multiple illumination ports and multiple filter slots, OASIS Implant can be reconfigured by end users to precisely fit their specific experimental needs. Equipped with both wide-field and patterned illumination capabilities (when combined with Mightex's market-leading Polygon400), OASIS Implant allows scientists to simultaneously perform Calcium imaging and targeted optogenetic stimulation with pin-point accuracy to stimulate individual neurons (but without unwanted stimulation of the neighbouring neurons). Moreover, it is also capable of multi-color imaging and optogenetic stimulation. Another key benefit of the OASIS Implant system for behavioral neuroscience is its super light-weight head mount. Since both deep-brain imaging and stimulation are delivered through a very thin imaging fiber, the overall weight of the head-mounted fixture is as little as 0.7g (compared to approximately 2~3g with a head-mounted camera), which minimizes stress experienced by the animal, and allows for the duration of the experiments to be extended. All of these features combined make the OASIS Implant an ideal research tool for in vivo experiments.

In addition to many other applications, OASIS Implant enables bioscientists to do the following:

1. Deep brain calcium imaging in freely behaving animals;

2. Deep brain patterned optogenetic stimulation with single-cell or sub-cellular resolution; and

3. Simultaneous deep brain stimulation and imaging.

Check out this White Paper: All-Optical Imaging & Stimulation Tools for In Vivo Neuroscience for a comparison between different in-vivo optical imaging and stimulation technologies.


Key Features
  • In vivo all-optical recording and manipulatiion of neural circuit activity;
  • Simultaneous Calcium imaging and optogenetic stimulation;
  • Sub-cellular resolution, high-quality imaging for quantitative analysis;
  • Multi-wavelength illumination;
  • Patterned stimulation with sub-cellular targeting capability;
  • Super-light head mounted fixture, 0.7g;
  • Modular system design, reconfigurable for different applications.



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