Polygon400 Patterned Illumination for Optogenetics

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White Paper: Patterned Illumination Systems for Optogenetics

Customer Testimonials: Optogenetic Experiments using Polygon400 Patterned Illuminators.

Researchers from all over the world sharing their success stories using Polygon400 for their optogenetic experiments.


Many bioscience applications (such as optogenetics, photoactivation, uncaging, and photostimulation etc) call for precise spatial, temporal and/or spectral control of light. For instance, optogenetics is a technology that allows one to investigate behaviours of neurons and their circuits, by precisely delivering light - of different colors and with high spatial and temporal resolutions - to stimulate/silence selected neurons. In addition, there may also be a need to control neural activity independently and/or simultaneously at different locations. Mightex’s Polygon400 Patterned Illuminators are specifically designed for such applications.

* Optogenetics   * Photoactivation   * Photostimulation  * Photopatterning   * Structured illumination * Uncaging

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