General Purpose Microscope Cameras

Mightex has developed a series of general-purpose microscope cameras, ranging from cost-effective CMOS cameras to high-sensitivity CCD cameras, as below:


All the cameras have a standard C-mount, and they can be easily mounted onto most microscope's camera port. Below is a summary of the cameras:

Model# Pixel Count (megapixel) Sensor Type Sensor Size Color or B/W
SCE-B013-U 1.3 CMOS 1/2" B/W
SCE-C030-U 3.0 CMOS 1/2" Color
CCE-B013-U 1.4 CCD 1/2" B/W
CCE-C013-U 1.4 CCD 1/2" Color

Compatible Software:
1. ImageJ (through TWAIN);
2. LabVIEW;
3. StreamPix;
4. Micro-Manager; and
5. Any software that is compatible with DirectShow (e.g. MATLAB);
6. Full-featured SDK provided, which supports C++, C#, Delphi and VB.


Ordering Information:
Model Name Price Buy Now Availability
CCE-B013-U High-Sensitivity USB2.0 Monochrome 1.4MP 1/2" CCD Cameras with Frame Buffers, C- & CS-mount, enclosed  $879.00USD/ea 
CCE-C013-U High-Sensitivity USB2.0 Color 1.4MP 1/2" CCD Cameras with Frame Buffers, C- & CS-mount, enclosed  $879.00USD/ea 
SCE-B013-U S-Series Ultra-Compact USB2.0 Monochrome 1.3MP CMOS Cameras, Enclosed  $199.00USD/ea 
SCE-C030-U S-Series Ultra-Compact USB2.0 Color 3MP CMOS Cameras, Enclosed  $229.00USD/ea 
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