Wavelength-Switchable Microscopy LED Sources

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* Live-cell fluorescence imaging
* Fluorescent protein imaging (BFP, GFP, YFP, RFP)
* Ratiometric imaging (calcium & pH)
* Immunofluorescence imaging
* Phase contrast, DIC and bright-field

Mightex has developed RMS-series high-power LED turn-key systems to produce homogeneous, high-intensity, wide-field illumination under a microscope. In addition to the superb optical performances, the LED systems also feature fast switching & quick time response, as well as advanced software and/or synchronization capabilities so that customers can easily integrate the LED source into a larger system.

Mightex's WheeLED TM wavelength-switchable LED light source combines multiple LEDs into a single chassis, selectable by turning a hand wheel. Up to nine (9) different LED's from UV-NIR, including a number of White LED's, can be mounted into a single chasis to form a cost-effective solution to wide wavelength range that your microscopy application demands.

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Mightex Wavelength-Switchable Microscopy LED Systems

WheeLEDTM wavelength-switchable LED sources let users manually switch between a selection of LED sources with different wavelengths and/or white LED’s. A wide range of wavelengths and white LED’s are available for users to choose from. The selected LEDs are installed in a compact light source chassis. Users can then switch among the installed LEDs by manually turning a hand wheel.

WheeLEDTM is suitable for microscopy application that works with a single wavelength at the time, but is compatible with up to nine (9) LED's of different wavelengths in one compact chassis. It delivers a wide range of wavelength choices in a low-cost solution. Mightex wavelength-switchable microscopy LED solutions are usually deployed in the following two configurations.

WheeLEDTM (Direct Coupling)

The basic setup (Direct Coupling) of Mightex wavelength-switchable microscopy LED solution consists of:

    • A WheeLEDTM Wavelength-switchable LED Systems;
    • LED control module;
    • A microscope adapter.


WheeLEDTM (Lightguide Coupling)

Optionally, the user can add lightguide coupling accessories to couple the WheeLEDTM into microscope using a liquid lightguide. The key benefit is to damp the vibration when the user turns the hand wheel to switche between wavelengths, for application that is sensitive to such vibration. Please email to enquire about details. Accessories to add:
  1. LCS-LGA22-0515 Lightguide adapter for 22mm LED collimator source;
  2. A 3-mm core liquid lightguide of suitable length and wavelength compatibility;
  3. LGC-019-022-05-V Lightguide collimator, 350nm-2000nm.
  4. ACC-LCS-CMM Male to Male C-mount connector.



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