Single-Wavelength Microscopy LED Sources

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* Live-cell fluorescence imaging
* Fluorescent protein imaging (BFP, GFP, YFP, RFP)
* Ratiometric imaging (calcium & pH)
* Immunofluorescence imaging
* Phase contrast, DIC and bright-field

Mightex has developed RMS-series high-power LED turn-key systems to produce homogeneous, high-intensity, wide-field illumination under a microscope. In addition to the superb optical performances, the LED systems also feature fast switching & quick time response, as well as advanced software and/or synchronization capabilities so that customers can easily integrate the LED source into a larger system.

The RMS-series high-power LED systems are compatible with most microscopes including Leica, Nikon, Olympus and Zeiss, and you may simply specify the appropriate microscope adapter when placing your order.


RMS-series microscopy LED turn-key systems feature a modular design, and hence they are scalable and reconfigurable. For example, a single-wavelength system can easily be expandable to a multi-wavelength solution in the future according to your specific applications/needs. A basic RMS-series microscopy LED turn-key system consists of (1) an LED control module, (2) a BLS-Series High-Power LED Collimator Source, and (3) a microscope adapter, as illustrated below

  1. A Multi-wavelength Microscopy LED Systems;
  2. LED control module(s);
  3. A microscope adapter.


RMS-Series Single-Wavelength LED System Configuration Table

Model# LED Controller LED Source Microscope Adapter
RMS-ST-xxxx-yyy BLS-SA02-US Type-A LCS source
(where "xxxx" is the wavelength code and "zz" is the LED power code.)
Type-J LCS source
(where "xxxx" is the wavelength code and "zz" is the LED power code.)
("yyy" - microscope adapter code.)
Please refer to "Microscope Adapters" Table for the adapter coding.
RMS-MA-xxxx-yyy BLS-1000-2

Wavelength Portfolio

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