FilterReader Spectrophotometer
FilterReader Spectrophotometer FilterReader Spectrophotometer
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Ever wondered what’s in your filter cube? FilterReader spectrophotometer will give you the answer in a few seconds.

Identifying and confirming transmission characteristics of filters and beam splitters used in fluorescence microscopy is often critical especially when troubleshooting a system or an experiment. To address this need Mightex has developed the FilterReader, a unique mini spectrophotometer specifically designed for measuring spectral transmission of excitation filters, dichroic beam splitters, and emission filters. A high-resolution CCD spectrograph coupled with a solid-state light source provides high dynamic range measurements in a compact package. A sample cart holds excitation filters and emission filters at vertical position, and beam splitters at a 45-degree angle.

FilterReader is a fully integrated spectrophotometer with a footprint of a book. All one needs is a PC to run the control software, which communicates with the FilterReader via a USB interface. FilterReader software guides users through an intuitive work flow which leads to the measurement results after a few clicks. Results can be displayed in spectral transmission or optical density. Measurements of filters and beam splitters can be overlaid on a single chart. Various data saving and chart printing functions are supported.

Unlike traditional spectrophotometers, FilterReader spectrophotometers are small enough to be easily stored when not in use. The solid-state light source in the FilterReader also ensures a trouble-free use for years without the need to change the light source.



Wavelength Range:     350nm - 720nm (model FRD-350-AU)
                                    385nm - 720nm (model FRD-385-AU
Dynamic Range:          >1000:1 (OD3)
Filter Size:                   25.4mm in diameter or smaller
Beam splitter Size:     up to 27mm x 36mm
PC Interface:               USB2.0
DC Power Supply:      12V/1A (included)
Dimensions:                241.5 x 108 x 48.5 mm
Weight:                        1,275g

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FRD-350-AU FilterReader Spectrophotometer, 350 - 720nm. Model: FRD-350-AU  $2,799.00USD/ea 
FRD-385-AU FilterReader Spectrophotometer, 385 - 720nm. Model: FRD-385-AU  $2,499.00USD/ea 
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