• Nov. 1, 2013, Issue#20131101
      "Neuroscience 2013 Live Demo (Booth#2809): Optogenetics Light Delivery Systems and Patterned Illuminators‏"
    • May. 2, 2014, Issue#20140502
      "Mightex introduces new Turn-key In-vivo Optogenetics Starter Kits‏"
    • June. 9, 2014, New Product Release#20140609
      "New Type-H Super-High-Power LED Sources, Type-J Passively-Cooled High-Power Microscopy Sources, and Type-B High-Power Fiber-coupled LED Sources"
    • June. 26, 2014, Issue#20140626
      "Mightex exhibiting at FENS2014 in Milan, Italy. July 5-9, 2014. Live Demo (Booth#50) Optogenetics Patterned Illuminator and In-vivo Optogenetics Starter Kits"